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Is wind power suitable for me?

If you have the space, and a good windy location then wind offers a great investment opportunity and source of energy for your home or business. Why not try our wind energy calculator to see how much energy you could generate.

Are the Feed-In-Tariff rates likely to change?

Feed in tariffs (FIT) were introduced by the UK government in April 2010 to promote the uptake of renewable energy technologies by homes and businesses. The FIT scheme offers an above market rate for all the energy you generate, whether you use it on site or not, which is guaranteed for 25 years and rises with inflation (RPI). FITs are designed to reduce year on year, usually each April, for newly installed systems to reflect the decreasing cost of equipment and installation.

How long will a wind turbine last?

The Bergy 10kW turbine has a 50 year design life, backed by their 30 year track record.

How strong does the wind need to be for the turbine to start producing electricity?

An average annual wind speed of 5 m/s (meters per second) is generally perceived as the speed required to achieve a decent return on a small wind turbine. Capability varies from turbine to turbine, with some able to operate at very low wind speeds of 2.2m/s.

What happens when it’s not windy?

The turbine will simple stop until there is sufficient wind for it to start again.

What happens if there are extremely high winds?

The Bergey wind turbine will simply turn the rotor blades out of the wind to avoid excessive pressure on the parts – this ensures a long and reliable lifespan of components and protects your return on investment.

Will a wind turbine continue to produce electricity in a power cut?

No – in event of a power cut the turbine is incapable of feeding energy back in to the grid as a fail safe to protect anyone working on the mains from electric shock. This is a standard measure also found in solar PV systems.

Can I get assistance with my planning application?

Yes – GenFIT are able to offer planning packages as an optional extra on all contracts which will include preparation of drawings, design and access statements, etc. We can also assist with any specific surveys (e.g. for bats, etc) should they be required by your planning authority.

Can I appeal a planner’s decision?

In some cases an appeal is possible however we would review on a case by case basis prior to making any recommendation.

What are the approximate costs for a fully installed wind turbine?

Guide prices on 10kW Bergey systems range from £35,000- £45,000 depending on height of the mast, length cable runs and any other civil works. This does not include costs associated to planning or DNO applications.

What maintenance is required?

A Bergey turbine comes with a 10 year parts warranty, and 5 years on the inverter. We will also offer a 5 year warranty on installation defects. The turbine will require a servicing every 2 years at a cost of £450 + VAT.

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