Solar Thermal Products

Solar Thermal Products

GenFIT solar thermal systems come with a 2-year insurance backed guarantee on workmanship. In addition, we will pass on the respective manufacturers limited equipment warranty.

Some solar thermal systems may require ongoing maintenance, usually at 2-3 year intervals, where we offer comprehensive service agreements to take care of your investment.


Solartwin, is a UK manufactured solar thermal system. It is the most innovative system on the market designed around maximising safety, ease of installation with the lowest environmental footprint of any technology currently available in UK.

Why Solartwin solar thermal?

  • Solar pv powered pump and controls = no mains electricity
  • Robust flat plat collector mounted on-roof as standard
  • Simply retrofits to existing hot water cylinder
  • Solar Keymark certified so eligible for Renewable Heat Incentive
  • No Glycol (antifreeze) or associated maintenance


Solfex offers a range of quality German and Austrian manufactured solar thermal collectors, controllers and pipework. Simple and cost effective to install Solfex solar hot water systems are the favoured solution by many of our customers.

Why Solfex solar thermal?

  • In and on-roof options
  • Supply full kits designed to maximise efficiency
  • Flat plate and evacuated tubes
  • Solar Keymark approved with 20 – 25 year warranty



Velux offers a professional roof-integrated solar thermal solution, backed by their vast experience in roof lights. You will typically require 1 panel per person occupying the property.

Why Velux solar thermal?

  • Available in 4 sizes: 1.16sqm to 2.51sqm
  • Sleek integrated design
  • Proven flashing system
  • Suitable for roofs of 15-90 degree tilt



Worcester Bosch are one of the leading UK names in domestic boilers. Their solar hot water systems combines their hot water knowhow and quality manufacture. You will typically require 1 panel per person occupying the property.

Why Worcester Bosch solar thermal?

  • High quality, robust and stylish panel design
  • High-efficiency collector maintains heat gathered
  • Simple controls – easy to see solar system performance and settings
  • Solar Keymark certified
  • Light and robust panel