Solar PV Products

Solar PV Products

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Our range of solar PV panels offer the best in efficiency, durability, aesthetics, manufacturer’s warranties and value.

Solar panels come in a range of sizes, outputs and colours including full black. We can offer on-roof and Building Integrated PV (BIPV) solutions.

We constantly monitor the market for the next step forward in technology so you can rest assured your solar panels are cutting edge at time of installation.

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Bisol offer an extensive range of high efficiency Solar PV panels, a broad range of mounting solutions and are made in Europe. Bisol Solar’s catalogue supports projects from domestic to industry scale. Bisol’s range includes an excellent BIPV system and coloured solar panels.

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BenQ Solar

BenQ Solar is committed to finding new and dynamic ways to harness and utilise solar power. Offering both residential and commercial scale panels BenQ Solar provide highly efficient and high quality Solar PV technologies. The new Sunforte range offer 330Wp output at 20%+ panel efficiency.