Belchford 50kWp Community Solar Co-Op

Belchford 50kWp Community Solar Co-Op

Belchford Community Co-op is the first community solar project in Lincolnshire. The panels and equipment have been installed and were commissioned on Friday 11th October 2014 and are now generating green electricity.

Belchford hope to expand with further share offers for PV and a community owned wind turbine.

Timelapse of Solar PV Installation

We used our Brinno TLC200 Time Lapse Camera to produce this YouTube video featured on our YouTube Channel.

Customer Feedback

We asked a Belchford Solar Community Co-op Director a selection of questions to provide some additional background on our involvement in the solar community project.

What factors were involved in your decision to install Solar?

This village has always had an excellent community spirit and we wanted to do something totally different that could involve the local community. So we adopted the vision that ‘be small but think big’.

As several of us already had solar panels on our own roofs the next step was the obvious one.

How did you find the service you received from Genfit?

I valued input from both yourself and David well before the order was placed and at installation your staff were very professional and even in the bad weather always had a smile for us locals and were prepared to stop what they were currently doing and explain what was happening at that time. They also cleared up after the installation which is a credit to your company.

Would you recommend a community solar project to other communities, if so why?

Yes, because too much of this country’s electricity is produced by the large companies and it is about time that smaller concerns realised that community energy is the way forward.

How does it feel to see the project completed?

Superb – but we await first year’s figures before being carried away too much!

What did you think of the speed of installation (from planning to installation)?

Because of all the hoops we had to jump through with Ofgem, Western Power, HMRC etc etc the process did take much longer than anticipated. The next installation should be much quicker!

Community Funded Renewables Projects

Renewable energy projects including Solar PV, Biomass and Wind offer a great method for a community to come together to realise a common goal. In 2013 we highlighted some of the key factors that make Solar PV appealing to farmers and communities.

  • The Feed in Tariff
  • The RHI
  • Government Support on Investment

For more information in your own Community or Crowd Funded projects contact us on 03445679032.

System Specification

  • Solar Panels – 200x BenQ PM245P00 250W
  • Inverters – 3x SolarMax 15MT2 3-phase inverters
  • Mounting System – K2 Hangar Bolt
  • Estimated Performance – 41,400 kWh P/A
  • Roof Type – Profile 6 corrugated reinforced fibre cement sheet
  • Roof Angle – 20 degrees
  • ROI – 15%