School Outreach Program – Warrington

Genfit installed 50kWp of Solar PV Panels at Great Sankey and Stockton Heath Primary Schools in 2015. The renewable energy produced has interested the pupils and staff and when we asked if they would like members of our team to visit to meet each school’s respective “Eco Council” they readily accepted.

In July we visited the schools with the intention of reaching out to pupils and teachers to gain further insight into their involvement in improving the environment and to develop the pupils understanding of how solar panels function.

We discussed and educated the pupils on how the solar panels on their school work, the pupils were then quizzed on the what they are interested in and their involvement

Great Sankey Primary School

When we visited Great Sankey there was a large group of pupils which form their “Eco Group”, it was evident they are very proud to be members. The Eco Group meet once a week to discuss and take action on Waste, Energy and The Environment, from bird watching to monitoring the school’s water usage.

Stockton Heath Primary School

The “highly active” school council at Stockton Heath has an Eco Council element of which we met two members. The pupils we met were both insightful and excited about the benefits the solar system their school had installed have been and will provide for the future of the school.

Installation Videos on Youtube

Great Sankey and Stockton Heath have time-lapse installation videos currently being produced. In the meantime check out our YouTube Channel for more of our recent work – Genfit YouTube Channel.

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