Fully Charged – Christmas Special

This episode of the prophetic Electric Vehicle centric online YouTube Series “Fully Charged” largely speaks for itself. This last year has been full of environmental woes and political upheaval, Robert Llewellyn (Red Dwarf, Scrapheap Challenge etc.) attempts to cheer up the eco-minded and provide a positive outlook for the future of cleaner transportation and living.

The subjects explored in this episode are of considerable interest to our team as Electric Vehicles, Energy Storage and Renewables are co-operative technologies.

Electric Vehicles

The first electric car was developed by Scottish Inventor, Robert Anderson, before 1839. It was experimental and had a non-rechargeable battery. The first practical Electric Vehicles (EVs) were developed in the 1890’s, electric taxi ranks, buses and array of private vehicles were prevalent throughout the early 1900’s.

This forgotten “Golden Age” has largely been forgotten due to the rise in popularity of the use of Fossil Fuels (which increased speed and range) in the early 20th Century.

EVs have recieved a negative response from the transport industry since then and only during/after the multiple fuel crisis’ of the 1970’s and 1980’s developed a perceived need for energy independence on a National level, especially in the US.

Since 2010 an enormous range of Electric Vehicles are available to the consumer, from the flagship Tesla Model S to the Nissan Leaf we have seen a good uptake in ownership and with it the Research and Development departments in the car industries of the world generally seem to be responding to the consumer demands. The range of a modern EV can be as high as 300 miles with cheaper models offering ~150 miles.

Fully Charged has documented over the last seven years a selection of the EV models offered and the progress that has been made in the transport industry. The series starring Robert Llewellyn is a good starting point to understand the technology and the environmental policy both past and present surrounding our recent EV surge.

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