Commercial Biomass

Commercial Biomass Installation

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Commercial Biomass is an increasingly viable investment for business

Wood fuel is a carbon neutral resource and can make a significant contribution to meeting the UK’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions. In terms of both installation and running costs, biomass has the lowest capital cost of all renewable energy technologies.

With concerns about sustainable fuel resources and climate change increasingly playing a role in shaping Government policy, there is an increasing mainstream demand for this type of technology. As a result, biomass schemes are often eligible for financial support from regional, national and European funding programmes.

Commercial entities can benefit from the Renewable Heat Incentive, with typical ROI of 12% in addition to reduction in fuel costs. The RHI has been guaranteed for the next 20 years and is linked to the Retail Prices Index, making commercial biomass attractive both as a financial and an environmental investment.

Automatic feeding systems can be used with pellet and wood chip boilers, removing any need for filling by hand and also controlling the amount of fuel and air entering the combustion chamber, which makes biomass boilers highly efficient.

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