Tesla Energy Powerwall Home Battery

Tesla Energy Powerwall Home Battery


The Tesla Powerwall Home Battery has a capacity of 6.5 kWh’s, and unlike conventional battery storage solutions can be discharged 100% daily, which is more than enough to power the evening consumption of most UK homes. Plus, multiple batteries can be linked together for homes with greater demand.

Which inverters are compatible?

Tesla Powerwall home battery can be retro-fitted to existing solar panel installations that have either a Solaredge or SMA Sunny Boy inverter. In time more inverters manufactured by other brands may be compatible, please contact us to verify compatibility.


Where can it be installed?

Powerwall is 1302 mm x 862 mm x 183 mm (51.3” x 34” x 7.2”) and weighs 97kg, so must be installed on a suitable wall. The ideal location would be in a garage, however the Powerwall enclosure is also rated for outdoor installation.

Powerwall Technical Specifications

How do I get One?

Only Tesla Energy Certified Installers can fit Powerwall.

For customers with an existing solar PV system – must have a compatible Solaredge of SMA Sunny Boy inverter

For customers without a PV system – Genfit will carry out a desktop survey of your property and provide a written quote by email for installation of a new PV system including Powerwall.

How long does it take to install?

Typically, Tesla Powerwall Home Battery will take 1-2 days to install depending on where it is to be located, the complexity of the electrical installation (e.g. cable routes) and whether it is part of a new solar PV installation.